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The first impression your business makes on prospective customers can make or break you. If there are pests lurking in your establishment, it will leave a negative first impression on your customers, and this will surely cost you money and damage your reputation. Having a partnership with a well-respected Commercial Pest Control Company in St Louis is a must.

Don’t Let Pest Infestation Jeopardize Your Business!

Pests that are always looking to invade your business come in many shapes and sizes. While some pests such as flies and ants may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, there are others such as wasps, mosquitoes, and spiders that can cause serious harm to your employees and customers. So, rather than losing your valued customers to these pests, trust our experienced commercial pest control experts to handle your problem.

At Pure Pest we are dedicated to bringing you the best-in-class commercial pest control services, provided by our highly trained and experienced exterminators.

For us, no job is too big or too small. We have years of experience under our belts, and with the best trained exterminators on our team, we can provide impeccable service that is unmatched in the industry.

Commercial kitchen pest control

Commercial Pest Control Services in St Louis

When your commercial building is infested by unwanted pests, it could put your business in jeopardy. So, getting the pests removed properly is crucial for your business. While many business owners prefer taking the DIY pest control route to save some money, the efforts are often futile, because commercial spaces are huge and the pests can find many different places to hide. These pests can easily hide themselves in small cracks, in electrical sockets, and even behind baseboards. Our exterminators can reach these places and eliminate these pests. We know where exactly to look, where they could be hiding, and how best to get rid of them while causing minimal disruption of your business.

“Great company with great energy!”

Pure Pest was the 2nd company I hired for a flea problem because the 1st company was not helpful and basically stole my money. Jake and the team were so helpful and worked with me. They worked with me for MONTHS until the fleas were gone!!! I highly recommend!! Great company with great energy!! Very flexible schedules. – Lauren J.

Commercial Buildings and Pests

Federal Reserve in St. Louis

When customers visit your business, they expect to be given a product or service in a clean and pest-free environment. If you fail to provide that, they may not return, and instead seek out your competitor.

Certain pests, like termites, may even cause structural damage to your building, which can prove very expensive. They can also affect your inventory, raw material, furniture and other things in your buildings.

If you run a restaurant or hotel, you need to be even more wary of these unwanted guests as they can bring with them harmful diseases. Our pest control technicians have encountered more bed bug infested hotels than you can imagine. It is needless to mention that once the guests become aware of infestation, word of mouth & social media can kill your hotel’s business in no time.

St Louis Commercial Pest Control

If you have a problem with pests in your commercial building, get it touch with us right away to discuss the details of your problem. We usually start the process by sending a representative to assess the problem. We examine all possible entry points that the pests have used to enter your commercial building. This can include everything from windows and doors that have not been properly sealed, to holes or cracks in your floors and walls. We will also find out where these pests are getting their water and food supply from. Once we have all the information handy, we will devise a tailored extermination plan, and begin working to rid your building of pests. We have extensive experience working on commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes in order to rid them of pests, and our exterminators understand exactly what it takes to get your business functioning normally. Do not let pest infestation jeopardize the success of your business. At Pure Pest our goal is to rid your commercial building of unwanted pests so that your employees and customers will be safe and happy.

Small Businesses:

Small scale business places need a bug-free environment to stay successful. We will work with you to keep your location presentable and critter-clear.

Offices & High Rises:

If you have an office environment, it’s essential that pests do not live where your employees work. Get the bugs out with Pure Pest.

Industrial Workplaces:

Heavy machinery can be compromised and safety neglected when rodents and small pests are not removed from an industrial workplace. We’re here to assist keeping your work moving without hiccups.

One Time & Monthly Treatment Options

Do you need a pest-control professional now? We are here to help. We can schedule a one-time appointment with no hidden follow-up fees. Or for long term pest control management, we are happy to to schedule weekly and even monthly visits to keep you and your employees bug-free.