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Commercial Wildlife Removal St Louis

Our Wildlife Removal Professionals humanely remove Bats, Skunks, Raccoons, Squirrels & other Nuisance Wildlife from Businesses.

Wildlife intrusions can be a health hazard and the cause of expensive landscaping and structural damage. Pure Pest is well equipped to safely remove wild animals from your property. While doing so, we adhere to strict guidelines and laws.

We are dedicated not only to removing invasive wildlife and pests from your property, we can also save you time and money by helping you prevent further problems.

Our wildlife removal services also include replacing damaged insulation and sealing all entry points, thereby preventing future intrusions and making your business safer and more efficient.

Wildlife Removal St Louis

Do I Need Wildlife Removal?

Wild animals can cause a lot of damage once they are able to enter your business. They move about the walls, attic, and crawlspaces of the building, chew on wooden furniture, gnaw on electrical wires, and tear up your insulation. Not only this, they deposit feces and other germ laden material. They also become defensive of the space they have intruded. Our experts often come across situations where an animal chews off electrical wire coatings and expose wires. This greatly increases the risk of short circuits and house fires.

The most commonly trapped wildlife in St. Louis are:

  • Bats
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Opossum (a.k.a. possums)
  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Nutria

How Do I Get Rid of Nuisance Wildlife?

If you are having issues with wildlife on your property, the safest and most humane way for us to remove them is to set up appropriate bait and traps, depending on the wildlife species you are targeting. Once the animal is trapped, they are humanely relocated to a safe place such as a wildlife preserve.

Each wildlife control situation is unique, so an initial inspection is necessary before we devise an animal removal plan. The trapping techniques we employ vary for each type of animal we encounter.

Our St Louis wildlife removal experts carry out a detailed inspection of the attic and other areas where intrusion is suspected, in order to identify the species of wildlife we are trying to remove. We also try to gauge the condition of the roof and exterior in order to determine how the animal is entering the building. Once we have identified the access points, we develop a plan to seal them off so that any future invasions can be prevented. Finally, after the animal has been removed and access points have been sealed, we carry out sanitation treatment to cleanse your business of any microbes the animal would have left behind.

Wildlife Pest Control

If you suspect the presence of wildlife in your business, it is usually not a good idea to try removing it yourself. Remember, you never know how a wild animal will react to your efforts.

Pure Pest is a full service wildlife removal and pest control company. We provide animal removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Our wildlife removal experts have years of experience under their belt, and are capable of removing a variety of animals.

We are a licensed and insured company, and we pride ourselves in our unparalleled ability to solve your pest related problems!

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