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Pure Pest Commercial Services

Our team has decades of experience in the pest control industry, working across various commercial industries to provide effective and reliable pest management solutions.

Food Processing

Pests threaten food processing facilities every day. As disease vectors, pests can create an unsafe environment that reduces confidence in your firm’s capabilities. Pest infestations can easily throw a facility out of compliance with laws and regulations. Work with our experts to get a plan tailored to your facility.


Many government facilities require special clearances to operate in, meaning pest control personnel must pass security checks to work in these facilities. Pure Pest has extensive experience working in sensitive government areas and may already possess the clearance needed to work in your facility.


Keeping a sterile environment is critical for pharmaceutical facilities. Manufacturing chemical compounds that people rely on requires exacting standards and precision. Don’t let a pest infestation spoil your facility’s hard work. Active protection measures from experts like Pure Pest who can tailor a plan to your facility can give you peace of mind.

Health Care

Patients and workers deserve a pest-free environment in which to take care of health care needs. Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and doctor’s offices cannot tolerate pests. The best solution is proactive pest control to prevent problems in health facilities before they begin. Our pest expert can discreetly get rid of pests or keep them from getting in in the first place.


Bed bugs are one of the biggest concerns of travelers, and word spreads fast when these pests are found at a hotel. Don’t let your hotel or other hospitality facility’s reputation be ruined. Protect your visitors, workers, and bottom line by creating a plan with Pure Pest to get rid of pests and keep them out of your hotel for good.


A pest infestation can cause unwanted delays and disrupt operations at a manufacturing facility. Keeping pests away can reduce sudden, unanticipated costs of extermination. By working with an expert commercial pest control provider, you can plan your coverage well ahead and keep your costs predictable over the long term, all while keeping your workers safe.

Apartment Complexes

Pest control is a critical need for apartment complexes, where infestations in one unit can quickly spread across the entire location. Establishing regular, preventative pest control keeps your maintenance costs steady and avoids surprise costs that could balloon your expenses. Maintain your rental values and keep your tenants safe and happy by contacting the apartment complex pest experts.


When a pest infestation happens in an office, all work stops. Pests can spread from one office to the next and require serious mitigation measures that prevent your business tenants from operating. Avoid the headaches that come from tenant complaints by setting up a recurring commercial pest control plan now.


Cleanliness is a must in restaurants. It factors into your inspection ratings and how consumers think of you. Social media posts of pests at restaurants have put establishments out of business. To protect your livelihood, you need a pest partner who can assure you that pests won’t enter your restaurant. You need the Pure Pest team.


With the high volume of deliveries that retail locations receive, there is a constant threat of pests hitching a ride in. Your reputation is on the line when it comes to pest control. Don’t wait until there is already an infestation to get protection. Avoid costly extermination by preventing the infestation to begin with by contacting a trusted pest partner.


The myriad activities in schools provide ample opportunities for pest infestations. Harmful pests can bring diseases to cafeterias, athletic facilities or dorm complexes. Avoid having to explain to staff, students, and parents why you have an infestation. Get proactive help today by setting up a pest management plan with Pure Pest.
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