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St. Louis Mosquito removal

100% All Natural, Non-Pesticide Mosquito Treatment

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but also bring the threat of diseases like West Nile Virus. At Pure Pest, we are proud to offer 100% all natural mosquito control services to significantly reduce activity so you can enjoy their outdoor space, and more importantly avoid bites and risk of disease.

An Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control Solution

Essentria® IC-3 Insecticide is formulated with three potent, botanically derived active ingredients – rosemary oil, geraniol, and peppermint oil – providing pest control solutions you can use with confidence around pets and children. Rosemary oil repels mosquitoes and other flying insects. Geraniol is derived from geraniums, rose and lemon plants to repel ticks, fleas, flies, and other pests. Peppermint oil kills, repels, and has larvicidal effects on a variety of insect species.

Our all natural, pure mosquito solution is:
A pesticide free solution
Approved for natural indoor and outdoor control
Proven environmental pest control with no pyrethroid restrictions

St. Louis Mosquito removal

Mosquito Prevention Tips

In addition to mosquito treatments, there are some things you can do around your home and yard to help eliminate mosquito activity.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Breeding areas are most often areas with standing water, as mosquitoes require water to breed. A mosquito can breed in a body of water the size of a thimble, so it is important to take steps to reduce any standing water in your yard.

• Keep gutters clean
• Empty outdoor toys, outdoor gear or any objects that have collected water
• Change the water in kiddie pools and birdbaths weekly
• Turn over large objects that can catch water after a rainfall
• Repair outdoor faucets if they are leaking
• Improve drainage to low lying areas of your yard where ponding may occur.

Maintain Your Lawn

Mosquitoes gravitate towards tall grass because it is cooler and damp. Reduce your mosquito population by trimming vegetation near the home and mowing your lawns regularly.

Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Citronella is the most commonly used natural mosquito repellants. Some other plants to use as repellants are Lavender, Marigolds and Catnip.

Mosquito Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

How is the product applied?
The product is applied using specialized equipment that allows for thorough coverage of shady areas, on and underneath leaf surfaces, and other known mosquito resting sites.
How often should I have this treatment performed?
Typically, we like to treat every 30 days during the growing season. If using our “Pure” option, we target every 21 days.
Does this treatment ensure that no one will contract any mosquito borne diseases or illnesses while on my property?
No, this treatment does not promise to prevent mosquito borne illnesses of any kind. We do promise that we can reduce the population of mosquitoes that are living, breeding, and resting on your property.
Is this product safe for animals?
Once the product is completely dry, there is very little risk to animals. We recommend that people and pets stay away from treated areas for a minimum of 2 hours after treatment.
What type of results can I expect?
You can expect a 60% – 90% reduction in mosquitoes on your property. Our goal is for you to see a noticeable difference in mosquito activity. We pride ourselves in providing you with the ability to spend and enjoy quality time in your backyard. We still recommend applying a skin repellent such as “Deet” for maximum protection. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can breed, fly, or be blown in from many miles away even though your property is treated. No treatment will be perfect.


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