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Whether you have carpenter ants, pavement ants, or fire ants, we’re here to help. These pesky invaders can sneak in through entry points you’ll never find and can form colonies of up to 5 million ants. Our team is ready to help eradicate them all.

residential ants
residential bed bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can make your life chaos. They feed off you, leaving uncomfortable bites and rashes, and they spread like wildfire. We work quickly to get rid of this menace before it disrupts your life further.


The indestructible cockroach. Everyone has been spooked by one at least once or twice. Whether you have American, German or oriental roaches, give us a call to get rid of them for good.

Cockroach control in St. Louis
residential fleas


Fleas are a pervasive menace that can take over your home before you know it. Leave their eradication to the experts and let us protect you, your family, and your pets from these parasites.


These annoying blood suckers can ruin your fun in the sun. Don’t let them keep you out of your backyard. We use targeted products that reduce mosquito population in your yard up to 90 percent.

residential mosquitoes
residential rodents


Mice and rats can damage your property and spread diseases and filth. If you see one, you’ve got more — likely more than traps and poisons can deal with. The only way to handle a rodent infestation is with expert help.


Venomous spiders like brown recluses and black widows can pose real threats to your health and wellbeing. Even nonvenomous spiders are unpleasant to have around. We get rid of both types, so give us a call.

residential spiders
residential termites


Termites are insidious pests that can cause a lot of damage before you even realize they’re in your home. The best defense is prevention because it can be too late once you find out.


No one wants to share their property with wild animals. They damage property and carry diseases like rabies. We take care of your wildlife issues in a safe and responsible manner. 

residential wildlife