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Clint from Pure Pest was super helpful with our bat issue. He went above and beyond to remove them humanely. Good work and informative conversation. Highly recommend.

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Bats in rafters

Why Pure Pest?

1. Eliminating your bat problem is as easy as calling us. We can often conduct bat control on the same day you call.

2. We back our work with the Pure Promise – 100% Guaranteed. Solutions. All our bat control programs are designed by St. Louis pest experts for St. Louis’ bats.

3. Our techniques have been carefully engineered through our decades of experience protecting St. Louis homes and businesses from bats.


Bats in rafters

Brown bats are the most common type that homeowners in Missouri will see because they roost in manmade structures. They live in small clusters of about 100 or so and hibernate for the winter. They’re voracious predators of insects in other months. They carry bat mites, which can make humans their host, and their guano accumulates wherever they roost.


Fully certified

Pure Pest is certified by the state of Missouri in all aspects of pest control that we offer. In addition, we are insured and bonded with all necessary licenses for the state and City of St. Louis. 


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