Flea Control St Louis

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Fleas are the source of a huge variety of sicknesses, infections, and diseases. Among them include tapeworm, bubonic plague, and painful rashes. These small fleas lay eggs on the animals. The cocoons are immune to insecticides and small worms may appear shortly after a pest treatment.

Since fleas are annoying, and often the cause of sickness, it important to act quickly to get rid of the source of the problems:

  • Vacuum often
  • Keep your yards clean of trash and animal waste
  • Bathe your animals often.

Fleas in St Louis

Cat Flea St. Louis

Cat Flea

These fleas are found on cats as well as dogs. These eggs are often found in the carpet after falling from pets.

Human Flea St. Louis

Human Flea

Human fleas find the hairy parts of the human body and like to stay there. Keep good hygiene and you won’t need to bother with these fleas.

Rat Flea St. Louis

Rat Flea

Rat fleas feed on blood. They attach themselves to mice, rats, and even humans. If you see these, call Pure Pest immediately.

How to Get Rid of Fleas?

Some of our methods include:

  • Chemical Management – Fleas have become very resistant to pyrethroid insecticides, so proper chemical management is very important.
  • Steam Treatment – This is effective but the temperature must reach 150 to 170 degrees. It is labor-intensive, tedious and time-consuming.
  • Vacuuming – Vacuuming is effective but it must be done consistently and must be complemented by use of pesticides.

Because of the proximity of humans to the infested areas, we take extra precautions to avoid any toxicity or allergies developing in our customers.

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