Spider Control in St. Louis

Finding a spider web in your home can be an unsettling feeling. While most spiders are harmless and pose little to no danger to people, some species are venomous and a bite can lead to medical issues. The two most common venomous spiders in the U.S. are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow.

How to Identify Venomous Spiders

Brown Recluse: A brown recluse can be identified by a dark brown violin shape on the cephalothorax (the portion of the body to which the legs are attached). The neck of the violin points backward toward the abdomen. Additionally, the Brown Recluse has six eyes, whereas most spiders have eight.

Black Widow: The body of an adult black widow is about 1/2 inch long. The female black widow is normally shiny black, with a red hourglass shape marking on the underside of the abdomen.

Brown Recluse Spider
Black Widow Spider

How To Get get Rid Of Spiders?

Pure Pest technicians are trained to help manage spiders and other pests. We will design a comprehensive approach tailored to your situation.

Pure Pest has the capabilities to handle dangerous spiders like Brown Recluse and Black Widows. Call 314-222-PEST or complete the form below to schedule an inspection with Pure Pest.

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