Can Digger Bees Damage My Property or Sting Me?

Digger bee

Have you seen bees flying low to the ground in your yard, or small tiny mounds that don’t seem to belong to crawfish or ants? You likely have a digger bee infestation.

When most people think of bees, they tend to classify them into two categories – honeybees and bumblebees. However, these ‘categories’ are inaccurate. There are actually thousands of different types of bees, and many of them are categorized as digger bees.

What are Digger Bees?

So, what are digger bees? Digger bees are bees that dig down into the dirt to create nests, often burrowing down as deeply as six or seven inches, which they then proceed to develop further with cell walls built from wax. They’re different from every other type of bee in the way they settle down and in categorization. Digger bees are one of the only types of bees that do not form colonies. Instead, they’re more social isolate, with nests not being close enough to be called a colony but in close enough proximity that they are often mistaken for one.

However, unlike traditional bee colonies, there is only one female and one male to each nest, and the male only exists for reproducing, dying shortly after doing so and leaving the queen to raise the larvae and guard the nest. Because of this, digger bees are relatively safe to be around, because unless you threaten their nest or try to kill them, they leave you alone. 

Do Digger Bees Hurt My Property?

Digger bees can be problematic for homeowners with pets, small children, or a landscape that needs constant upkeep, however, because in those scenarios the likelihood of the digger bees feeling threatened is high, which is why many of our clients call us for digger bee removal. 

They’re easy to identify because their coloring differs from many other types of bees. They typically come in dark or metallic-like colors, with white or yellow markings, and are no bigger then a half of an inch to a fourth of an inch. The females are extremely fuzzy, and the males have enlarged antennae and no stinger. 

DIY Digger Bee Removal

Can you get rid of digger bees on your own? Yes. There are some natural ingredients you can try, such as garlic powder or cucumber peels, but the likelihood it will work is small. You can also trap the bees in their nests by filling in the nest entryways with soil or concrete and then placing something heavy on top. Another option is a peppermint oil/soap spray, as bees hate peppermint and soapy water keeps bees from flying while slowly suffocating them (this works on wasps too). You can also mix up a vinegar spray, or set up a soda can trap. A final option, which can be extremely dangerous, is a ground-zapper.

Among the various types of DIY repellents/killers, every single one of them has a dangerous drawback, either to you or your home, ranging in severity, which is why we do not recommend trying to get rid of digger bees on your own. The possible consequences can be dire. Leaving garlic powder or cucumber peels in your yard attracts other insects and rodents, meaning you’d just be replacing one infestation with another.

Trapping the bees isn’t safe either, because if they get out, they’ll go on the attack from feeling threatened, and can sting multiple times. Vinegar sprays are an easy way to kill your lawn, and soda can traps can also attract other insects. As for ground-zappers, this is especially perilous as it is detrimental to humans and animals.

If you have children or pets, it is possible to injure them with DIY options.

Hire a Professional to Remove Digger Bees

As mentioned before, trying to get rid of bees on your own can be dangerous, and potentially costly (depending on the damage done and the location/spread of the damage), which is why we recommend hiring a pest control company to eliminate digger bees. Pest control companies are able to safely remove bees without damage to you or your home/landscaping and get it right the first time. They also install preventative measures to prevent more bees from coming and creating another infestation. We make sure not to use harsh chemicals that would be a danger and are quick and efficient, so if you’re looking for the safest and easiest option, it’s best to call a pest control company.

What to Expect from Digger Bee Removal

A common question we get is what to expect when hiring a pest control company. When you first call a pest control company, they will walk you through an initial consultation, where they will get the details of how big your home is, where it’s located, etc. Then, they will come over and examine the suspected infestation. After the initial consultation, the pest control company will go over treatment options with you, and explain the costs and benefits of each. After choosing a treatment plan, the company will follow through with the treatment, and then discuss follow up visits with you, if any are required due to the severity of the infestation or if your home is infestation prone. 

Digger bees are not necessarily dangerous, but they can be annoying, which is why we offer removal for them. In addition, most people don’t like to handle bees due to fear of insects of just the fear of getting stung, which is where we come in. Let us take care of it, so you can sit back on your patio and survey your lawn in comfort and safety. Call today to set up your initial consultation.